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Ruin Me

She said, "I want you to ruin me." · By Phanes


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Ruin Me 0.38.1 Free with Piercings and More; 0.39.0 for Patrons Adds a Graduation Orgy
Hello, perverts. It's been a long time! I'll be posting shortly on my patreon discussing what's been going on the past few months, but for now patrons get an en...
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Ruin Me 0.37.2 Free with More Erotic Horror; 0.38.0 for Patrons Adds Piercings and More
Hi, perverts! It's time for another release of Ruin Me! Patrons get a new play scene, a new night music scene, and access to body modification for Theresa. The...
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Ruin Me 0.36.1 Free with More Watersports; 0.37.0 for Patrons adds More Erotic Horror
Hello, perverts! There's a new patron-only release of Ruin Me , featuring dreams of erotic horror. That means the new free release is out, adding a new minor r...
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Ruin Me 0.35.1 Free with Flogging and Outfits; 0.36.0 for Patrons adds More Watersports
Hi, perverts! It's once again time for a new release of Ruin Me! Patrons get a new minor ruination sequence, while the new public version adds a new play scene...
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Ruin Me 0.34.2 Free with Anal Sex; 0.35.0 for Patrons adds Flogging and Outfits
Hello, perverts! There's a new patron-supported release of Ruin Me up, adding a new play scene with Theresa, new outfits, and other enhancements. As a result...
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Ruin Me 0.33.1 Free with Power Bottoming; 0.34.0 for Patrons adds Anal Sex
Hi, perverts! There's a new patron version of Ruin Me , adding a training sequence for Theresa in anal sex that finishes up her Experience training. Meanwhile...
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Ruin Me 0.32.1 Free with Edging; 0.33.0 for Patrons adds Power Bottoming
Hello, perverts! The patron version of Ruin Me has been released, adding a training scene for Theresa that concludes her descent into Depravity. That means the...
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Ruin Me 0.31.1 Free with Analingus; 0.32.0 for Patrons has Compulsive Masturbation
Hi, perverts! The new version of Ruin Me is up for patrons, adding a new minor NPC ruination sequence and other enhancements. The last release is now free for...
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Hi, perverts! Where do you find out about queer smut? I want more people to know about Ruin Me , so I'm looking for sugg...
started by Phanes Mar 05, 2020
2 replies
Just letting you know that the download buttons for Mac and PC on the latest free version seem to be switched.
started by madswedishgamer 5 hours ago
1 reply
Hello! I've gotten two of the three "man with the smokey glasses" scenes, but the third one never seems to trigger? Is t...
started by HeirOfNeed 8 days ago
1 reply
Will the things that were included in the training eventually be added to the play section? Also with the sex change lab...
started by pornisbetterthanpopcorn Apr 01, 2021
3 replies
Would it be possible to corrupt our dear host into a more... Dominant role? There are a few options like greet me rudely...
started by TheFFCollective Feb 19, 2021
1 reply
Hi! I just wanted to let the dev know that this game was a really welcome surprise. I tore through it and I can't wait f...
started by tioafa4 Feb 25, 2020
7 replies
Hi. I'm loving this game so far. I was just wondering if you are planning on (or would ever consider) including any of t...
started by TamTam69 Feb 02, 2021
2 replies
I keep experiencing a possible bug where shortly after I talk to byron key one of the scenes won't load and I get an err...
started by Flamingcowjuice Jul 03, 2020
1 reply
First off, excellent writing in this story. I am currently doing gig work as an editor for adult games, I am mostly natu...
started by MarkGraw Apr 14, 2020
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Is there a way to check stats, and what is "ken"? I'm playing the android version atm
started by Captain Wet Beard Apr 11, 2020
1 reply