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In Barrowport, a town of dark mysteries, the young woman said, "I want you to ruin me."

As a professor of antiquities, you assumed your new position would involve investigating strange artifacts and stories of monsters. You didn't expect that young Theresa Radcliffe would know your forbidden secret or that she would beg you to lead her down a path of depravity.

In this queer erotic horror visual novel, you train Miss Radcliffe in the ways of perversion as a slow burn while seeking out mysteries that will immediately lead to your own erotic peril.

  • Play as a man, woman, or nonbinary person, choosing your anatomy and presentation. 
  • Find yourself in both dominant and submissive situations.
  • Meet human sex partners with a variety of genders, body types, races, and sexual interests.
  • Encounter monster partners that are weird and scary instead of humans with ears and tails
  • Experience horror heavily inspired by Lovecraft, but with all of the racist gross stuff replaced with sexy gross stuff.
  • No jump scares (but occasional sudden transitions)

Content warning: this game is intended for adults. It contains explicit images and text. If you are not of legal age to view such things where you live, you may not download the game. Additionally, please review the themes below.


Nightmares, sexual training, submission/domination, erotic peril, monster sex (including bestial monsters), body horror, forced orgasms, oviposition, body fluids, mind control, and more. More extreme kinks are optional and come with warnings. 

Support Development

Ruin Me is free, but new updates will be exclusive to patrons for a limited time. To get development news, early access to updates, and even influence development, support me on Patreon:


The public release of Ruin Me is currently in version 0.27.1. There are:

  • an opening and tutorial
  • six story sequences that progress the story through the beginning of Act III
  • one minor ruination sequence with NPCs, and another in progress
  • ten horror expeditions (with sex scenes)
  • ten training sequences (with three scenes each)
  • seven secondary NPC play scenes, some sexual, some not
  • fifteen play scenes with Theresa
  • customization of Theresa's language, behavior, grooming, outfit, body markings, and kinky accessories
  • an exploration with one minor sex scene
  • Many unique nightmares triggered by the events of the story

The patron-only release is at 0.28.0 and includes:

  • the conclusion to the in-progress minor ruination
  • an additional training scene in a new sequence
  • the ability to Reminisce about previous scenes

The scale of the final game is still to be determined, but plans are for Theresa's training to have at least twelve steps, with a weird horror plot in three acts.


Ruin Me depends much more on text than on images. There are currently few drawn sex scenes, and the character art is still rough. Even in its final form, though, it will be much more about reading smutty text than looking at smutty art.


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